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In 2003, Geodesy & Hydrographic Survey Section, Survey Department DM has now implemented the latest technology for professionals engaged in the fields of Surveying and Construction Engineering “Dubai Virtual Reference System" (DVRS) . This represents the Modern concept in the field of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Recent technological advances, both in GPS Survey & digital data, have made it possible to obtain accurate positioning in real time. These changes introduce many new opportunities and exciting challenges to the surveying discipline within today's construction engineering sector.

The Dubai Virtual GPS Reference System (DVRS) consists of seven permanent GPS stations and a Central Processing Server for the processing and distribution of GPS data corrections. This project is carried out by the Survey department of Dubai Municipality. The permanent GPS stations within DVRS are continuously tracking all GPS and GLONASS visible satellites. The GPS receivers will telemetry the data to the server via a GSM media at a measurement interval of 1 second. The core product of the DVRS is the data collected from the permanent GPS stations.

On 2012, Ms. Eman Ahmed – the head of the Geodesy and Hydrographic Survey Section and team started updating and improving the system, they launched seeh el salem and Nazwa station, started upgrading the lease line, update the stations coordinates, update the Receiver Firmware, activate alternative processing software …..etc, to provide effective solution for various GPS users like construction engineers, contractors, consultants, ports, civil defense and transport authorities. It has also applications in the fields of geological, mineral and oil explorations. The specific applications of the system range from navigation and fleet management; providing control of geodetic, topographical, cadastral, photo control and engineering survey including setting outs, detail survey…etc; mapping and geographical information systems; hydrographic activities; and geodynamics, geodesy, monitoring crustal movements (earthquake hazards) and seismic activities. This will save Time, Manpower, and Hardware and improve Position Quality, performance and reliability.

In addition to several engineering firms, such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Etisalat, Police, Armed Forces, academic institutions, research centers and ports will take the benefits of DVRS data. Also it is useful for conducting scientific studies by educational institutions and research and study centers, particularly in the field of monitoring natural phenomena such as earthquakes and seismic activities.

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